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Know Your Rights in Auto Glass Replacement

Safe Windshield ReplacementMany of you have heard or seen in our advertising, “It’s your choice…Insist on Glasspro” but you may not know exactly what it means. Simply put, it reinforces the fact that in the state of South Carolina, it is YOUR RIGHT, not your insurance company, to choose whatever auto glass company you want to perform the work.

Of course, we are also proud that Glasspro is the #1 choice of many insurance agents who value our commitment to your complete satisfaction. So if you need a windshield repair or auto glass replacement, remember, "It’s YOUR choice…Insist on Glasspro."

Zero Deductibles for Auto Glass Replacement

There is no deductible for auto glass replacement in the state of South Carolina. South Carolina law states:

"Any automobile physical damage insurance coverage deductible or policy deductible does not apply to automobile safety glass."

Read all of South Carolina state title 38-77-280 here.

So what does this mean to you as the insured or to your insurance agent? Since all of the glass in your vehicle functions as a safety device, there is no charge for any insured South Carolina motorists with comprehensive coverage to replace any piece of glass in your vehicle. This does not include side and rearview mirrors.

Benefits to comprehensive insured motorists in zero deductible states:

  • There is no charge to replace the windshield, door glass, vent glass, quarter glass, back glass, sunroof, van window, or truck slider in your vehicle.
  • There is no charge for windshield repairs.