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Windshield Replacement Safety

Safe Windshield ReplacementSafety in auto glass replacement is often overlooked by some glass shops. The extra time and effort required to ensure a safe replacement simply cuts too deeply into their profits.

At Glasspro, safety is our number one priority. Beyond the training each of our technicians have in glass replacement, they all understand and follow the proper steps to provide a safe, quality auto glass replacement. We strictly adhere to the latest AGRSS safety standards.

This includes:

  • Detecting corrosion and other frame damage
  • Locating defects within the glass that can cause failure
  • Understanding the proper use of industry-tested adhesives and moldings
  • Understanding the weather's effect on adhesive cure time

To further guarantee your safety, every Glasspro technician performs a pre- and post-installation inspection along with a quick vacuum of the interior (after the work is done). This ensures your vehicle will be cleaner than it was when you came in—all part of the Glasspro difference.

Get to Know Your Windshield

Your windshield does more than keep out the wind and rain, it plays a vital role as one of many safety devices in your vehicle. This invisible shield protects you from flying debris, keeps you in the vehicle in the event of an accident, and provides resistance for the deployment of the passenger side airbag. In order for this safety device to perform its duties, the bond between your windshield and the frame of your vehicle MUST be secure. A list of issues can render your windshield useless as a safety device including gaps in the bead of windshield adhesive, rust or corrosion on the vehicle frame, or simply imperfect glass. When you need a new windshield in South Carolina, insist on Glasspro for a safe, quality windshield replacement.

There is More to Your Windshield Than You Think

Safe Windshield ReplacementThe natural properties of glass are not quite enough to meet auto glass safety specifications. A wealth of scientific knowledge goes into creating each piece of glass and all are formulated differently to provide the best performance in their specific roles. The door glass, for instance, includes several layers of film within multiple layers of laminated glass. One layer helps to protect against the sun's damaging UV rays while the other serves to reduce glare from headlights at night and light reflection from the sun during the day.

Basic properties of ALL windshields:

  • Prevents object penetration into the passenger compartment
  • Provides additional structural support to the vehicle frame during a rollover accident
  • Keeps the passengers in the vehicle during an accident
  • Provides resistance for the deployment of the passenger side airbag

The windshield is the most important piece of glass in the vehicle as it is the first line of defense in most accidents. When an accident occurs, flying debris is the first danger. In the first few seconds of an accident, debris from the oncoming vehicle or within your vehicle travel up to 50 times faster than the vehicle's occupants. This means that a box of tissues in the back window will impact the windshield a split second BEFORE the seat belt catches the driver! This also applies to anything that may be in the oncoming vehicle or that may break off or come loose from either vehicle.

The second danger in an accident occurs as the passengers "catch up." In an ideal situation, the seat belt restrains the passengers as everything in the vehicle lunges forward. If the occupants are not wearing a seat belt, the windshield will prevent them from being thrown from the vehicle, but risk of potential of head injuries or other bodily harm is high.

Finally, as the vehicle occupants and items in the vehicles "recoil" and come to rest, there is the potential for a third danger. A properly installed windshield will hold up to a rollover, deflect the debris, and sustain impact from the occupants without coming loose from the frame. A windshield installed incorrectly or that has been bonded to an unsafe surface, such as a corroded frame, will come loose and could fall back onto the vehicle occupants.

AGRSS: Keeping Your Family Safe