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Glasspro Company History

Paul HeinauerThe history behind Glasspro parallels the life of its founder, owner and president, Mr. Paul Heinauer. Here is Paul's story...

Paul Heinauer was born in Pittsburgh, PA on July 25, 1956. He married his high school sweetheart, Paula, and the Heinauers have two children, Adam and Lauren.

Paul got started in the glass industry in 1979 as a management trainee with PPG Industries. After his initial training, he was assigned to Charlotte, NC selling flat glass and auto glass. In 1985 Paul was promoted Branch Manager.

In 1986, Paul left PPG to help launch Coastal Glass Distributors in Charleston, SC. The company became a major wholesaler of primarily plate glass, mirrors and auto glass, as well as manufacturing of insulated glass. When some large national glass companies began buying out smaller auto glass installation companies in 1994, Paul decided the company needed to protect its wholesale auto glass business by merging two retail auto glass installation companies. On February 1, 1995, Paul created Glasspro, Inc. To concentrate his efforts on establishing and growing Glasspro, Paul then sold the wholesale glass segment of the business to Jack Hoey, his long-time best friend from high school.

Glasspro’s flagship location was in North Charleston at 4975 Dorchester Road. Paul then opened a second location in July of that year at 1314 Stuart Engals Blvd. in Mt. Pleasant (then relocated to its present Mt. Pleasant location at 1407 Stuart Engals Blvd. in 2005). Over the years since its founding, Glasspro has strategically opened new auto glass replacement and repair facilities in areas that customers had requested, as well as markets that were underserved. Today, Glasspro owns and operates eleven auto glass centers in the Lowcountry, including North Charleston, Mt. Pleasant, Summerville, Goose Creek (which also includes a car wash facility), Georgetown, Walterboro, Bluffton, Myrtle Beach, and Florence.

Paul’s business philosophy is unchanged since Glasspro began in 1995. In Paul’s own words, “We truly strive to delight every customer.” Paul believes that when customers make an auto glass decision, they’re really making a safety decision since 50 to 75% of the structural integrity of a car comes from the auto glass. And since it is critical that the glass be installed correctly, training is extremely important and Glasspro technicians are certified by the National Glass Association, as well as by Glasspro’s urethane adhesive supplier. According to Paul, “We are constantly motivated to make every customer’s experience with Glasspro as positive as possible by the service we provide, from the pre-inspection of their vehicle to vacuuming it out when we’re finished. We also only use Original Equipment Glass, state-of-the-art adhesive, and provide a Nationwide Lifetime Warranty on our work.”

As an extension of delighting customers, all Glasspro stores feature a checkerboard racing black and white graphic theme, along with the distinctive red Glasspro logo. Customer amenities include waiting area WI FI, TV, soft drinks and coffee … and plenty of Glasspro smiles at no extra charge.

Our Mission at Glasspro

Quality Glass ServiceThe Glasspro Mission Statement:

"Our goal is to delight customers with excellence on SITE (Safety, Integrity, Teamwork, and Employee Development) based on biblical principles."

At Glasspro, our goal is to delight you with excellent service from your first phone call through installation. You can have confidence that your auto glass replacement is a top quality job. Our commitment is to guarantee your satisfaction. We will address every concern by providing the standard of service you deserve. Visit or call any of our South Carolina automobile glass replacement facilities. You'll be glad our team is working for you!

The technicians at Glasspro adhere to some of the highest replacement standards in the auto glass industry today. The precision of their work provides more than just a perfect fit today; their attention to detail ensures your glass will fit perfectly years from now. Click here for a free glass replacement quote and to schedule service or give us a call Toll Free at (800) 279-3893.

It's Your Choice...Insist on Glasspro.

As part of Glasspro’s ongoing commitment to customer service and delighting every customer, each Monday Glasspro President Paul Heinauer encourages his employees to strive for excellence at all times. Following are some of these memos from Paul to all Glasspro employees.

Paul's Weekly Messages to our staff:

Proverbs 15:7 --- The lips of wise people spread knowledge, but a foolish attitude does not.

The business climate is always challenging, and businesses constantly must evaluate what their customers want. We can never be comfortable with the status quo or thinking just because Glasspro always did it this way, it is the only way. Business graveyards are filled with companies that either refused to change or didn’t think they needed to. At Glasspro we must always ask ourselves, and more importantly, our customers, “How can we bring more value to our customers?" Believe me; customers deserve organizations whose focus is on “how can we best serve you.”

I promise you Glasspro never will rest on its laurels, because as we all know, customers deserve organizations who deliver excellence.

Proverbs 24:5--- A wise person is strong, and a person of knowledge increases power.

Nothing undermines our customer’s confidence in our business faster than inconsistent quality or service. This is why we strive to have managers and employees review the jobs the day BEFORE, instead of just waiting until the next day when we are scheduled to do the job. Glasspro has found, by following this procedure, errors or mistakes can often be discovered before our customers are inconvenienced or delayed.

Glasspro has developed detailed written procedures that, if followed, can help us in that ultimate goal of ours which is “delighted customers.” I know it is often frustrating for our company that we can do so many things right, but if, and when, we make a mistake it seems management makes a big deal of it.

The reality is of course, customers don’t care how many times we did it right before; all they want is THEIR job done as we promised. This is why we have set clear standards for customer service for both technicians, ISRs and CSRs. The marketplace demands EXCELLENCE, and this is what Glasspro pledges to deliver. In fact, we can take this even further to how it relates to Admin as well. If Support Services don't have the paperwork they need for paying vendors it affects our relationships with them as well, the terms vendors give us and even the pricing we receive.

Proverbs 12:14 --- From the fruit of the mouth is one satisfied with good, and the deed of a person's hands returneth to them.

To say we are striving to "delight" each and every customer is a commitment of striving to continuously improve. Jo Ann has mentioned it many times --- doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is "insanity." The first step to change is examining our attitude. We must be willing to examine how we do things and be open to suggestions from others. Ask your co-workers what they think you can do to improve, and ask your boss too. Honest and constructive feedback can be invaluable as we strive to get better at our jobs.

Let's all be committed to doing our jobs better by learning from our mistakes and getting feedback on how we can improve. As we do this we will see our number of delighted customers grow.

Proverbs 1:5 --- Let the wise add to their learning, and let the discerning get guidance.

I have never been a believer of, “Don’t sweat the small stuff.” My belief is it is in the details where companies distinguish themselves. For example, handing someone a business card when you first meet a customer shows professionalism. Standing up and greeting a customer when they enter our store shows a spirit of hospitality. Vacuuming the car upon completion of an install shows pride in a finished product.

I am, though, a fan of the saying, “Take care of the little stuff and the big things will take care of themselves”. This thinking recognizes that we have to take care of the customer we are serving at this very minute, and it helps us focus on what we can control. I am proud that we have a culture of “taking care of the little things.” This is as important part of an employee’s development as anything.

Proverbs 13:10 --- Through presumption one gets nothing but strife, but those who receive counsel get wisdom.

Sometimes as our experience grows, we may fall into the trap that we really don’t have anything to learn. That thinking is really flawed and leads to companies, and individuals, stagnating. All of us can benefit from others experience and viewpoints; so each of us should make it a priority to seek the counsel of our co-workers at Glasspro. I have always been impressed how eager people in our company are to share and help others. So please take advantage of the wealth of talent and experience we have within Glasspro.

At Glasspro we have tried to develop an environment which encourages teamwork, and by following this path we can not only gain valuable experience, but avoid costly mistakes as well.

Proverbs 10:9 ---- A company of integrity is secure, but a company which takes crooked steps will be found out.

With all the talk of Windshield Bullies, and our ads saying, “Do you want to trust your family’s safety to door to door salesmen, or people who work out of a parking lot?” It is essential, in more ways than one, that we do everything in our power to deliver a safe installation. Most importantly this is what we promise, and to do otherwise would lack integrity on our part. Secondly, safety is a key area where we can differentiate ourselves and continue to grow market share.

Let’s be safe and let’s deliver safety to everyone we work with.

Proverbs 11:25 --- One who refreshes others will themselves be refreshed.

Every Labor Day we as a nation celebrate the working men and women of the Unites States. Unfortunately, there are many people in our country today who don't have much to celebrate. In fact, over 15 million people in our country account for our 9.6% unemployment rate. In South Carolina, the Post and Courier says our population of people unemployed is even worse, it's 10.8%.

So what does this mean to us? Well, to begin with we are blessed to have jobs. Secondly, I believe it means we should honor our good fortune by striving to delight customers by delivering excellence on each and every job, and each and every interaction with customers and potential customers. We should never underestimate the power of our actions on the success of our company as a whole, and what it means to everyone who works at Glasspro.

Ladies and gentlemen we are blessed indeed so let's give thanks and refresh those customers who have chosen to Insist on Glasspro for their auto glass needs.

Proverbs 9:8-9 --- “So don’t bother correcting mockers; they will only hate you. But correct the wise, and they will love you. Instruct the wise, and they will be even wiser. Teach the righteous, and they will learn even more.”

These Proverbs address, accurately of course, that individuals who strive to deliver quality and excellence welcome constructive criticism and instruction. It is interesting that those who want to improve realize the journey never ends. That’s why at Glasspro we listen and grade calls, we bring in consultants to help us with our training, and we constantly look at how we can become better. To the fool, or mocker, this seems foolish; but to us at Glasspro, I believe we all know “good enough” never is.

Let’s keep striving to deliver excellence to our customers, as we do I guarantee EVERYONE will be delighted.

South Carolina's Auto Glass Authority

Award Winning Glass Company

The Glasspro service technicians are certified by the NGA and our urethane manufacturer. We are proud to have NGA Master Certified Technicians. We are members of, and meet the requirements set by the PPG ProStars program, the largest national alliance of automobile glass replacement and repair professionals.  We also strictly adhere to the Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standards program, AGRSS.

Glasspro is an Award Winning Auto Glass Company

We have been recognized as a top "Emerging 10" company from the Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce for 1998 and 1999, "A Roaring 20's" winner from the Charleston Regional Business Journal and a nominee for the "Blue Chip Enterprise Award" for inspirational achievement in business.

  • 2009 Auto Glass Olympics - Windshield Repair: Jamie Browning of Glasspro places 1st
  • 2009 Auto Glass Olympics - Windshield Repair: Greg Hamilton of Glasspro places 2nd
  • 2008 International Master Fitter Competition: Jeff Olive of Glasspro places 1st
  • 2008 Auto Glass Olympics - Auto Glass Replacement: Randy Chadwick places 1st
  • 2006 International Master Fitter Competition: Jeff Olive of Glasspro places 3rd
  • 2005 Civic Pride Award Winner
  • 2003 & 2004 Award of Excellence: South Carolina's Fastest Growing Companies
  • South Carolina 2003 Entrepreneurial Excellence of the Year: Small Business Awards Program
  • 2002 Small Business of the Year Award: Small Business Association
  • 1999 Charleston Business Journal Roaring 20
  • 1998 & 1999 Emerging 10 Award: Chamber of Commerce

Auto Glass Industry Affiliations

AGRSS: Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standards

AGRSS (Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standards) is a non-profit organization dedicated to establishing safety standards for auto glass replacement.

NGA: The National Glass Association

NGA (National Glass Association) is the largest trade association in the country representing the glass industry.

PPG Prostar

PPG Prostars represents an auto glass service company's reputation as a supplier of safe, quality auto glass replacements.

Dow Automotive Systems

Dow Automotive is a leading supplier of plastics, adhesives, sealants, vehicle structure enhancements, acoustical management materials, films and fluids for the global automotive industry.

Independent Glass Association

IGA (Independent Glass Association) is an organization created to secure free and fair access to glass services for its members by defending and promoting the consumers’ right to choose their glass service providers.

Community Involvement

Burk High School Marching BandAt Glasspro, we work to enrich the communities we live in by providing assistance when we see a need. Glasspro is involved with several local charities including Crisis Ministries and The Coastal Community Foundation. We are also supporters of the Burke High School marching band.

"Glasspro is a great community partner for Crisis Ministries. In addition to financial support, Paul, his family and the Glasspro family find unique ways to help us provide food, shelter and hope to end homelessness in our community."

- Stacey Denaux,
Executive Director/Crisis Ministries

How Do You Give Back

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Celebrating for Charity

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Assisting the American Red Cross

Glasspro's 3 Degree Guarantee
Contribution to Crisis Ministries

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2010 Walk for Water Initiative

Glasspro sponsors the Water Mission's International 2010 Walk for Water

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